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The Ministry of Education and Science Implements OECD Standards in the Field of Scientific, Technological, and Innovation Policy


Since 2021, the Ministry of Education and Science has been actively working on Ukraine's accession to the OECD Frascati Family of Standards, dedicated to the measurement and interpretation of data related to the fields of science, technology, and innovation.

In 2023, licenses were obtained for the right to translate and publish OECD works in the field of science, technology, and innovation — including the Oslo Manual 2018, the Frascati Manual 2015, and the OECD Patent Statistics Manual.

Adopting these standards will help standardize the terminology and statistical indicators in the fields of science, technology, innovation, patent indicators, indicators of personnel engaged in science, technology, and innovation, and more. It will also enhance the comparability of Ukraine's indicators with those of other countries worldwide.

All OECD works for which licenses have been obtained are available in Ukrainian translation as e-books and can be accessed freely on the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science.


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