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National electronic system of scientific and research information NAUKA

The key task is to combine all research data, information, procedures and services; research institutions, universities, academia. We make Ukrainian science more open

Q and A

To unite information about the scientific sphere of Ukraine.

Creating a tool for searching and analyzing data contained in the System.

Simplify the reporting process of scientists and research institutions.

Simplify the process of procedures by scientists and researchers.

Information about scientific institutions of Ukraine

Information on research infrastructures of Ukraine

Other useful information for scientists and researchers.

State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

  • collection, processing, storage, management, visualization and access to data in the field of science;
  • provision of state authorities with analytical information for effective management decisions;
  • facilitation the process of scientific information and data searching data about employees with appropriate qualifications; science projects; services, equipment and infrastructure facilities to conduct
  • reducing the administrative burden on scientists by automating the reporting process;
  • high-quality presentation of scientific achievements of Ukrainian research institutions;
  • state evaluation of research institutions
  • promotion of productive cooperation between scientists, business representatives and government.

The national electronic scientific information system is implemented according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital transformation. The State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine is responsible for the system development and its implementation.

The service is absolutely free and accessible to everyone. Visitors could search scientific information in accordance with individually selected filters without going through the registration procedure and uploading the search results to Excel and CSV formats. If you want to edit or add a new information to the System, you need to register.

The work on the System began in April 2020, its development is implementing gradually and steadily. Now, the system contains information about research infrastructures and institutions obtained from the State Register of research institutions supported by state, the State accreditation of scientific institutions databases and the database of State scientific evaluation of higher education institutions. According to the plan is expecting to expand the data range by integrating the System with a number of others registers, in particular with the international register of authors and scientists ORCID, the register of research organizations ROR, the Register of scientific-pedagogical experts and database of EDEBO, NRAT. In addition, the system will be enriched data from external databases — providers of bibliographic and bibliometric data such as Crossref, thematic and institutional repositories, national bibliographic databases, etc. important information missing in machine-readable format, will be added manually.

"Scientists" module

The "Scientists" module provides information about Ukrainian scientists, the field of their activities, competences, academic degree, title, current work, the list of published results of scientific research and involvement in scientific research.

"Publications" module

Provides information on published results of scientific research and metadata of scientific publications of Ukrainian scientists and theirs relationships with other subjects of the research process - institutions, projects, equipment, research funding sources, etc.

"Institutions" module

The profile of the institution contains information about scientific institutions, organizations, its research divisions.

Module "Research infrastructures"

The module "Research infrastructures" is designed for present the information about tools, equipment, infrastructure and other facilities used during the research. The information is adding manually.

"Projects" module

The "Projects" module used to display information about projects, research and design works, financed by state funds or performed by state organizations or Ukrainian scientists.

ORCID is an international unique identifier of researchers and authors, which solves the problem of identifying scientists with the same names and surnames. If you do not currently have an ORCID ID, you will not find one data about yourself in the system. You can create your own account after registering in the System or register in ORCID and, after the next system update, your profile will be created automatically.

If you notice an error in your own profile, you can correct it independently, after authorization in the system. In other cases, please inform the Administrator about the inconsistency of the data by writing to the post office.

The Responsible person has the right to edit and enter new data about the Institutions, person of the institution and the Administrator. Each institution presented in the system has a responsible person who maintaining the Institution's profile. Between the Responsible Person and SSTL of Ukraine a corresponding contract is concluded.

The data in the System is updated automatically according to the set update schedule. Information added manually displayed immediately after entering and saving changes by the user.

The URIS system is integrated with citations databases and shows only the metadata.

The system does not store full-text versions of publications, but metadata often includes a permanent link to the full text.

Special software was developed to implement the data collection option from various sources and designed as a long-term data storage.

The personal information is proceeded in accordance with legislation of Ukraine.

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