Production test

We combine information about Ukrainian science



Contains information about Ukrainian scientific institutions and institutions of higher education

Дослідницька інфраструктура

Research infrastructure

Contains information about scientific equipment, products, services, resources, areas and premises of scientific organizations and institutions of higher education



Contains information about publications, projects, professional activities and other data about Ukrainian scientists



Contains information on publications of Ukrainian scientists imported from ORCID and contributed independently



Contains information on research projects with the participation of Ukrainian scientists, research institutions and free economic zones

Services for scientists

Services that can be useful to scientists and employees of scientific institutions at different stages of professional development.

Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI)

Search engine and database of scientific citations, which come from all publications that use the Cited-by service from Crossref and support the initiative of open citations

National Research Foundation of Ukraine

State Trust Fund, which aims to provide grants to support research and development

Science and business

An online platform for interaction between business and the scientific community

Online R&D registration system

System of state online registration of non-secret R&D

National Repository of Academic Texts

Ukrainian National Repository, in which academic texts are accumulated, stored and systematized

Online dissertation registration system

System of state registration of non-secret defended dissertations

Electronic system of technology registration

System of state registration of non-secret technologies

Register of scientific publications of Ukraine

Register with detailed information on each edition

Databases and information reference systems of Ukrpatent

Contains information about inventions, utility models, marks for goods and services, industrial designs


Information for scientists, authors and editors about different tools and mechanism