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CC GRANT TRACKER comprehensive application processing and grant management

The leading CC Grant Tracker platform is grant lifecycle management

CC Grant Tracker-Support the administration of the grant process and the results-oriented approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation.

CC Grant Tracker helps you record how expected results can be achieved from project activities, set metrics to measure and monitor grantee progress, record and summarize grantee results over the life of your project and beyond, and gather evidence to share with you. Donors or organization. The platform provides a robust and flexible mechanism that supports the administration and management of grant processes, helping you uncover a successful project management.

If you want to choose a software solution that can help support your business processes, you will want to make sure that it can provide detailed information on a daily basis about the requirements for program portfolio management and financing at every stage of the lifecycle from program launch to final evaluation. . Equally important is finding a software provider that brings experience, ideas, and kinship and can demonstrate experience in providing and supporting grant management solutions in a large database of funding bodies.

Creating a grant

Easily identify new grant programs, create forms with the flexible form designer tool, which contains more than 200 types of questions and controls.

Internet programs

Intuitive experience of filling out forms for applicants, with a number of convenient features and powerful verification to improve data quality.

Review / evaluation

Multistage review and evaluation modules that support your organization's evaluation and approval processes to simplify management and administration.

Ability to send notifications of acceptance and rejection of the grant application and emails with predefined templates, including feedback from the verification process.

Financial management

Scheduled, special payments and disbursements based on claims supported by full transaction records and real-time information regarding commitments, payments, write-offs and reimbursements.

Monitoring and evaluation

Data from online progress reports is automatically collected and linked to the program / strategic goal for analysis and reporting.