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The best English blogs about science

Thanks to the Internet, science has never been so accessible. Scholars are constantly in touch through social media, and science blogs have thrived and grown into rich discussion platforms. On the Internet, experts and amateurs can come together to talk about topics that interest them, creating great educational spaces for anyone who wants to study and discuss science.

We offer a selection of popular English-language blogs: learn interesting and useful information and at the same time improve your English.

1) IFL SCIENCE. The blog was founded by Eliza Andrews in 2012, IF ****** Love Science, or IFL Science, "dedicated to adding the amazing world of science directly to your news feed in a fun and accessible way."

2) CSIRO. The Commonwealth Research and Industry Organization (CSIRO) is Australia's national research agency.

3) Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Thanks to a humorous but informative approach to science, which is Krushelnytsky's trademark, this blog delves into some of the most difficult and frequent (but not so often available) answers to scientific questions.

4) Nautilus. "Nautilus combines science, culture and philosophy into a single history, told by the world's leading thinkers and writers."

5) Doc’s Opinion. Doc’s Opinion Blog. Personal blog of the famous Icelandic specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, Dr. Axel F. Sigurdsson.

6) PLOS. The Public Scientific Library is a non-profit organization that provides collections of scientific journals and literature open to the public.

7) Improbable research. The incredible research is to make people laugh and then think.

8) LAELAPS. The blog, presented by Scientific American, LAELAPS, was written by research critic Brian Svitek. A blog about evolution, extinction and survival, LAELAP's explores natural history with findings from fields such as anthropology, zoology, archeology and paleontology.

9) Dr. John M. "Dr. John M" is a popular and very interesting personal medical blog run by cardioelectrophysiologist and chief correspondent of the "Cardiology" section of the popular English-language medical web resource Medscape John Mandrola.

10) Annals of botany blog. News and views on plant science and ecology, the blog is a branch of the Annals of Botany, an online scientific, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research once a month.

11) Newscientist. NewScientist should be the most recognizable name in scientific publications.

12) Neurological. Author: Academic Clinical Neurologist Stephen Novella, MD, Neurologica covers neuroscience, scientific skepticism, philosophy and the intersection of science and media.

13) Medaholic. The Medaholic blog has come a long way from a personal blog about the life of a medical freelance student (since 2008) to a useful web resource for students of all levels and medical specialties.

14) The sciences. Led by The Scientific American, The Sciences is a compulsory, accessible and accessible scientific subject, ranging from intelligence, health, technology and sustainability.

15) The Nerdy Nurse. The Nerdy Nurse Blog. Constantly occupies a leading position in numerous rankings of the best blogs for nurses.

16) Mortui vivos docent (mrs_angemi). WARNING: This blog is not for the faint of heart, as it contains graphic material that may seem disturbing (and otherwise exciting).

17) Coding horror. Coding Horror, created by software developer and entrepreneur Jeff Edwood, is one of the most well-known blogs in the computer programming community.

18) Danielle Ofri. . Danielle Ofri's blog is the personal blog of American doctor and associate professor of medical sciences Daniel Ofri, who created this resource to share her knowledge and experience with readers, as well as numerous publications, videos, audio recordings, reviews and interviews on the latest developments in the field. medicine and health care.

19) Climate consensus – the 97%. The blog's author, John Abraham, a professor of heat engineering and ecologist Dana Nukkitel, focuses on climate and environmental science and discusses public skepticism about popular environmental issues.

20) Wired science. Wired is an online publication of general interest that mostly covers technology issues.

21) It’s okay to be smart. You'd think the name of this blog would go without saying, but nowadays people need periodic reminders that the mind is something to admire.

21) It’s okay to be smart. The author of a personal blog about a healthy lifestyle - nutritionist Lisa Nelson from the United States - believes that the main method of prevention of any disease is a balanced diet, physical activity and avoidance of bad habits.

22) Lisa Nelson. The author of a personal blog about a healthy lifestyle - nutritionist Lisa Nelson from the United States - believes that the main method of prevention of any disease is a balanced diet, physical activity and avoidance of bad habits.

23) Mind On Medicine. The Mind On Medicine blog is unlike any other medical blog run by Texas gynecologist and mother of three Daniel Jones.

24) Few branches of science inspire the masses as much as space. The great frontier that many of us have experienced only through the prism of science fiction is the very definition of the exotic and the amazing, and from a scientific point of view it is also a platform for amazing discoveries and revelations about the nature of everything in the universe (including us).

25) Atul Gawande. . Well-known American surgeon, researcher, correspondent, professor at Harvard Medical School, as well as the author of the bestsellers "Checklist. How to avoid stupid mistakes that lead to fatal consequences "