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Curate Science platform

To make research transparent and credible? The Curate Science system is designed to help researchers, journals, universities, donors, faculty, journalists, and the general public overcome the crisis of reproducibility in modern science. Anyone interested in the veracity of research results will one day be able to obtain a relevant profile on the Curate Science platform to present their results in a user-friendly form.

The project is currently in beta, so only a small group of highly motivated researchers was allowed to register. If you are such a researcher, write a letter to the address and you may be sent an invitation.

Curate Science pages of journals and journals show relevant lists of publications, and next to each entry there is a line of icons that will indicate whether the source data is available, the full text, the program code of the work, and where to look for them.

University leaders and grantmakers will have access to large think tanks to see if the work of their professors and grantees meets the minimum transparency requirements.

This project was developed at the expense of the European Union. Now Curate Science operates as a non-profit organization, the team seeks to move to a stable financial model, but it is difficult to predict how they will succeed.

You can learn more about the platform at the following links:

https: //www.bibliotekar.ukr/2021/06/curate-science.html? m = 1