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Data management plan for research

Data management plan (DMP) - a document that describes in detail the data that will be obtained or created during the research; methods of data management, analysis, processing, protection and storage during and after the project. The data management plan is a mandatory document for a number of leading global and national research funding organizations.

What is a Data Management Plan for?

Helps to plan and organize research data.

The data management plan actually includes all stages of the life cycle of research data, namely the collection, description, storage, access or retrieval of data. Such documentation is important to ensure the reproducibility of research results, which is a fundamental precept of scientific research.

PUD can reduce the likelihood of data loss and prevent unethical use, improving communication and data accountability.

Properly collected, organized, and stored source data can be a source of new research.

Categories and issues to be covered in the Data Management Plan:

Data collection:

What types of data will you collect, create, combine, document?

In what format will you collect data? Does the format you choose allow data reuse, sharing, and long-term access?

What procedures or actions will you follow to structure the data?

Documentation and metadata:

What documentation will be needed to correctly interpret and understand the data in the future?

How do you make sure that data is collected and stored in the same way throughout the study?

List the metadata standards or data formats you use.

Storage and backup:

What are the storage requirements for your project (in megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc.) and storage time.

How and where research data is stored during the project. Where will the backup be stored?

How will the research team and other collaborators work, modify and add new data throughout the project?


Where will the data be archived / deposited after the project is completed?

Distribution and reuse

What data will you distribute and in what form? (for example, raw data, processed, final results).

Under what license can the data be distributed?

How are you going to promote your research data?

Responsibilities and resources:

Indicate who will be responsible for data management of your project?

How will the data be processed if the person in charge leaves the research team?

Necessary funds for the Data Management Plan

Ethical principles and confidentiality:

If you work with confidential data during a research project, how do you ensure that only those members of the research team who have permission to do so have access to such information?

How will you address legal, ethical and intellectual property issues in the study?